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If you want to learn how to create your own self hosted wordpress blog, this is the place to go! Hope is the BEST!
Lisa Powell

2020 - Vision into Action Bootcamp

2020 Planning Guide

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SEsO Master Class

Strong SEO is the corner stones of blogging success.  Don't waste time and money on your blog without knowing how to optimize your site.

Blog Lab 101: Self Study Guide

Blog Lab - Self Study Guide is all the amazing information in our Blog Lab 101 Class, that is do at your own pace, on your own time! 

Blog for Business - 7 Days to Launch

Are you ready to set up a blog for your business? Not sure where to start? Join us for 7 days of daily tasks to get your blog up and running! 

Direct Sales Blog Planner

FREE - Monthly Wordpress Checklist

Lost as to what to do every month to keep your WordPress dashboard ticking along? Grab this free monthly checklist! Included is a list of everything you need to do PLUS our favorite plug-ins and tools to make the job easier.

How to Pick the Perfect Blog Name

Ready to start blogging but stumped on what to name your blog?! Download this free guide with tools and tips to create the perfect blog name and get going! 

DIY BYOB - Do it Yourself Build Your Own Blog

Learn how to start a blog today! Are you tired of people telling you how GREAT blogging is, without telling you HOW to actually get started? You’re tired of spending your time searching the internet for instructions on how to set up a blog. Every time you find directions you think will work, you’re once again disappointed by how difficult they are to follow. You know the information is out there because the internet is full of blogs, but you can’t find anyone you trust to help you. What if you could start a blog tomorrow? Not only start a blog but have over 60 post ideas ready to write? AND the tools to promote your blog to people who want to read it? Stop wasting your time reading “Start a Blog in 5 Minutes” blog posts and start actually building your blog by watching over an expert’s shoulder as they walk you through each step. 

New Blogger Bundle

Are you ready to dive into the world of blogging? Not sure where to start? Learn all the tools, tricks and techniques to make your blogging goals a reality! 

Build a Blog - Done For You!

You know you want a blog. You know that it is a great way to build an online presence. You don't know (and don't want to know) how to do all the techy setup stuff. Sound like you? This option is MADE for you! Book a one-on-one coaching call to talk details with one of the industry's top blogging coaches. Pick from one of our 10 amazing, beautiful, and easy to use themes. Provide our designers with your content. Within 10 business days, you have a ready-to-use blog at your fingertips! 

Productivity Tips and Time Hacks for Today's Female Micro-Entrepeneur

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Meet Jamie - one of our instructors

Jamie, a reformed social worker, is fully booked day in and day out. She's immersed in today's gig economy running a direct sales team and personal business, managing rentals, running 2 blogs, driving for Uber and balancing the demands of her Poodle has made her adept at time management and organizing. She shares her insights into the Direct Sales world's inner workings because she believes in the industry and that all sellers can be successful.