2020 - Vision into Action Bootcamp by Hope Hanson
Enrollment is closed

2020 - Vision into Action Bootcamp

Stop randomly guessing at your goals for your life and your business.  Join our 7 day boot camp to struggling to have a successful 2020!
2020 Vision into Action Bootcamp is perfect for people struggling to define their vision for their life and their business. 
Enrollment is closed

If you’ve always wanted to…

  • Define your clear goals
  • Set realistic timelines and find tools to make your life easier
  • Be ready for an incredible 2020!

…then this course is for you!

In this 7 day program, we’ve included everything you need to know, including:

  • Create a clear 20/20 vision for your life and their business
  • Find strategies to help make you make your businesses more efficient
  • Learn tools to support your  business and goals!

Your instructors

This year, we have 3 amazing instructors here to help you build your vision and your action plan for 2020 

Hope Hanson-Baker - founder of The Purple Teacup

Jamie Makin - founder of Makin' It Social

Joni Kinney - blogger and systems specialist at Kinney Chaos

Meet Jamie

Jamie, a reformed social worker, is fully booked day in and day out. She's immersed in today's gig economy running a direct sales team and personal business, managing rentals, running 2 blogs, driving for Uber and balancing the demands of her Poodle has made her adept at time management and organizing. She shares her insights into the Direct Sales world's inner workings because she believes in the industry and that all sellers can be successful.

Meet Joni

Joni is a full-time Information Technology Manager for a Midwest Financial Services company and lives in Wisconsin. She shares inspiration for small business people using corporate strategies and is passionate about helping bloggers and small business owners market and promote themselves in the Social Media world.

7 Days to a 20/20 Vision

Day 1 / 2:  What is it do you REALLY want your life to be, not what it is supposed to be, not how others would see it - but what do you want YOUR life to hold.  We are going to talk about getting to the root of your passions, and how to create a clear vision plan for 2020

Day 3 / 4:  We have a vision, now we need to do the things to get there. Looking at breaking down a goal into larger tasks (hiiiiiiigh level overview). Then turning the large tasks into manageable, small daily to dos.  Brief, but applicable examples. Assigning time amounts to each one. Batching tasks and organizing them so they arent as overwhelming and taking time to switch gears between tasks. I can go deeper into that depending on how long the videos are.

Day 5 / 6:  Why you need tools, How to choose the right tools, and What to review to determine what new tools you may need. Also to look at the tools you are using and see if they have more than one use you can take advantage of. 
And the 5 most common business needs to have tools to help you with. Contact and Email Management, Meetings/brainstorming, bookkeeping, Social Media Management, and Project Management - with a couple examples of each.

Day 7:  How this all relates and keeping you on task! 

NOW is the time to make sure your 2020 is clear and bright!