21 Day Blog Cleanup & SEO Challenge by Hope Hanson
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21 Day Blog Cleanup & SEO Challenge

Enrollment is closed

What's included?

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Day 1: Monthly Maintenance
Day 1: Back Up and Do Maintenance
Day 2: Contact Info
Day 2: Contact Info
Day 3: Update your Signature
Creating or Updating your Signature on your Blog
Day 4: Update your Bio and Images
Let everyone know who YOU are!
Day 5: Staying in Touch
Make getting in touch with you easy!
Day 6: Keep them Social
Line them up!
Day 7: Keep 'em Consistent
Keep 'em consistent!
Day 8: Stay in the know!
Stay in the know!
Day 9: Sidebar Sweep
Let's do some sweeping!
Day 10: Let's do a little planning!
Planning Time
Day 11: Go find some inspiration!
Day 12: Its the day of the alt!
Grab a cup of tea... or two!
Day 13: Let's add some new content ideas!
Update your Idea List
Day 14: Headers and Tag Lines
Headers and Taglines
Fat Footers. Clean up in lower level.
Day 16: SEO Surprise!
You don't want to miss this!
Day 17: Take a Fresh Look
Day 18: Fresh Outlook
Find 5 new bloggers.
Day 19: Google me this!
Google me this!
Day 20: Pin-able!
Pin-able Awesomeness
Day 21: The Metrix of it All
Cleaning up the PNGs in the Metrix