Blog Lab 101 - Not your Ordinary Blogging School by Hope Hanson

Blog Lab 101 - Not your Ordinary Blogging School

Do you dream of blogging?   Join us for a 4 week boot camp style course to get you launched!

Do you dream of blogging...

but the words 'hosting' and 'domain' stop you in your tracks? 

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of learning needed to just get started?

Are you tired of trying to figure out blogging on your own?  Maybe you wish you had a friend to walk you through the process of creating your blog. 

Now is your time to join Blog Lab!

The five-week, step by step, fully supported blog building program from Hope Hanson-Baker of The Purple Teacup. With Hope’s help, you and a fellow group of beginner bloggers will plan, build and launch your blog in just FOUR weeks. 

You’re starting to wonder if you have what it takes to understand the technical side of blogging.

What if you could build your blog surrounded by people who care about your success? And not just start a blog, but have 60+ blog post ideas? Imagine having your dream become a reality in only four weeks!

You can skip the overwhelm, skip the insecurity, skip the wait and get started now! 
“Hope and The Purple Teacup Co are incredible. Her courses are thorough and easy to understand, the community and accountability groups are kind and supportive, and Hope really cares and wants the best for the people she works with. I'm actually living what I thought was a far-fetched dream now by writing and making money from it.”
Stacie Yocum,
Blog Lab uses easy to follow instructional videos and text to help you set up your blog from scratch. You’ll learn how to buy a domain, set up hosting and install Wordpress. 

Plus, you’ll never be alone! Have a question? Pop into the Facebook Mastermind group and ask!

Connect with other bloggers in Blog Lab

  • Private weekly group coaching calls to go over questions and build supportive friendships
  • Facebook Mastermind group for help as soon as you have a question
  • Four weeks of personal guidance, support, and encouragement from Hope 
  • And, personalized feedback on your blog’s look and feel

“I have taken both the Blog Lab (Formerly Blogging Boot Camp) course and the Advanced Bootcamp classes. It's amazing what you don't know that you don't know! Hope is full of tips and tricks for great ranking on Google, creating content and offers ideas based on your current roadblocks- even if it's only tangentially related to blogging! If you're looking for someone who cares if you're successful, not just if your payment clears, Hope at The Purple Teacup is your ticket!” 
Jamie Makin,
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Hi, I'm Hope

My journey into blogging started years ago, when "Live Journals" became a "big thing".

In the last 15 years, I've worked as an Event Producer for a national charity, running one of the largest conferences for television producers in the world. I was also a renaissance festival performer for about 4 years. But when my husband and I decided to start a family, I focused on my small event photography business. That is when I found blogging  for business and discovered what a powerful tool it can be! 

Since then, I have personally built  3 businesses through blogs, over 50 blogs for other companies and worked to create a programs that will help others build their businesses. Over the last 2 years, I have taught over 400 bloggers to build their dreams into WordPress reality.

I get how easy it is to become overwhelmed with new technology and all the different options.  In this 4 weeks class, I will keep you accountable and help YOU get your blog up and running.

Hope Hanson, Founder, Tea Drinking Geek Blogger!

You have the talent, you just need the support!

 You’re right for Blog Lab if…
  • You have passion and commitment to your blogging idea
  • You want to build a blog in a supportive, personal environment
  • You have four weeks to dedicate to getting started
  • You are excited to support other women going through the same process with you
  • You want continued support after you are finished the course
  • BONUS - as a blog lab graduate, you are enrolled in all future versions of the course to keep you building and growing! 
With Blog Lab you’ll get access to short, step by step videos that will SHOW you exactly how to build your blog from scratch. You’ll be able to watch them at any time while you work on your own blog. 

Forget how to do something? 

Just pull up that video and watch it again! 

I'm ready to start!

What’s included in Blog Lab?

  • A 4-week intensive style class 
  • How to set up your hosting, domain, and Wordpress
  • A copy of the Genesis Framework to build on! 
  • Easy to follow videos on how to customize the look and functionality of your blog
  • How to add pages, posts, and graphics to your blog
  • Basic information on email newsletters and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • A private Mastermind group on Facebook
  • Basically, everything you need to create a blog you can be proud of in only four weeks!

Do you really want to do this all on your own?

Struggle to find answers to your blogging questions? 
Wonder if you’ve done everything right or if you’ve missed an important step that will lead to failure? 
Or maybe fail to even get started?  
Will you work, all alone, with no feedback, on this blogging dream....

Or do you want to share the journey?

You can join Blog Lab and find a blogging mentor who will help you every step of the way. Learn how to blog in a supportive environment, filled with enthusiastic women who want to see you succeed. With Blog Lab you can make this blogging dream a reality in only four weeks! 


“Hope is an amazing teacher. Not only does she teach HOW to build, maintain, and promote a blog, but she also explains WHY. She personally supports you throughout the process, too. She actually cares and wants you to succeed! It's wonderful because I knew NOTHING when I found The Purple Teacup Co, but now I feel confident in my blog as a site and myself as a blogger!”
Rebekah Svensson
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How many hours does the course take?

Most people complete this 4 week course in about 5 hours a week.  Some people will do that in one big chunk, others will work at it in 15 minute blocks! 

Are there any additional costs?

If you do not have a  Wordpress Site already - Yes, you will be purchasing your domain and hosting (don’t worry, we explain what all that is).  You have options when purchasing these but they usually costs about $60.  We will show you what to look for and give you great examples of what you can make! If you do not have a site already - pick up our "Build it for you" add on for only $149, you receive a fully set up and ready to go site! 

What is the difference between this class and your DIY BYOB?

This is a 4 week group coaching, so we hold you accountable to getting your work done. There are over 12 hours of updated content to make sure you are getting the most relevant training content. We include the Facebook mastermind group, and weekly live group coaching calls that are recorded AND future access to the course and future groups - you are never left behind.

I am afraid I don’t have anything to say!

We will literally walk you through ways to create 60+ ideas to get you off on the right foot.

Do I need to be a technical wiz?

NOPE! That is the power of this course.  We will walk you through the process with simple, easy-to-follow step by step videos and instructions.  Our weekly group coaching calls and Facebook mastermind group  are there to support you, too!