Blog Lab 101: Self Study Guide by Hope Hanson

Blog Lab 101: Self Study Guide

Get ready to create your OWN social media hub for your business! Time to get found on the web.  Build yourself as a "industry expert" but not sure where to start? 

Do you dream of blogging...

but the words 'hosting' and 'domain' stop you in your tracks? 

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of learning needed to just get started?

Are you tired of trying to figure out blogging on your own?  Maybe you wish you had a friend to walk you through the process of creating your blog. 

Now is your time to start Blog Lab!

The step by step detailed blog building program from Hope Hanson-Baker of The Purple Teacup. With this course, over 500 bloggers are out in the internet creating "Internet Masterpieces".

You’re starting to wonder if you have what it takes to understand the technical side of blogging. 

And not just start a blog, but have 60+ blog post ideas? Imagine having your dream become a reality in only four weeks!

You can skip the overwhelm, skip the insecurity, skip the wait and get started now! 


“Hope and The Purple Teacup Co are incredible. Her courses are thorough and easy to understand, the community and accountability groups are kind and supportive, and Hope really cares and wants the best for the people she works with. I'm actually living what I thought was a far-fetched dream now by writing and making money from it.”
Stacie Yocum,
It's time to get started!

You have the talent, you just need the direction!

 You’re right for Blog Lab: Self Study if…
  • You have passion and commitment to your blogging idea
  • You want to build a blog but haven't known where to start
  • You want continued support after you are finished the course
  • BONUS - as blogging and technology changes, this course will continue to be updated and changed to reflect what is happening in the world of blogging

With Blog Lab you’ll get access to short, step by step videos that will SHOW you exactly how to build your blog from scratch. You’ll be able to watch them at any time while you work on your own blog. 

Forget how to do something? 

Just pull up that video and watch it again! 

Hi, I'm Hope

My journey into blogging started years ago, when "Live Journals" became a "big thing".

In the last 15 years, I've worked as an Event Producer for a national charity, running one of the largest conferences for television producers in the world. I was also a renaissance festival performer for about 4 years. But when my husband and I decided to start a family, I focused on my small event photography business. That is when I found blogging  for business and discovered what a powerful tool it can be! 

Since then, I have personally built  3 businesses through blogs, over 50 blogs for other companies and worked to create a programs that will help others build their businesses. Over the last 2 years, I have taught over 400 bloggers to build their dreams into WordPress reality.

I get how easy it is to become overwhelmed with new technology and all the different options.  In this 4 weeks class, I will keep you accountable and help YOU get your blog up and running.

What's included?

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Unit 1: Technical Set-Up
Lesson 1: How this course is set up!
Lesson 2: Compliance (If you are a direct seller / network marketer)
Lesson 3: Domains
Lesson 4: Understanding Hosting
Lesson 5: Setting Up SiteGround/Wordpress
Lesson 6: Choosing Your WordPress Theme
Unit 2: Customizing your site
Lesson 7: Logging In
Lesson 8: Customizing your Header
Lesson 9: Menus
Lesson 10: HTML Basics
Lesson 11: Understanding Widgets
Lesson 12: Plugins
Lesson 13: Google Analytics
Lesson 14: Pretty Links
Lesson 15: Media Library
BONUS: White Screen of death
Unit 3: Content Strategy
Lesson 16: Making sure your site is - well, your site
Lesson 17: About Me Page and Contact Form
Lesson 18: Creating List of Ideas
Lesson 19: Creating List of Ideas (BONUS)
Lesson 20: Creating your first post
Lesson 21: Using Categories and Tags
Lesson 22: Adding Video and Sound to your Site
Lesson 23: Featured Images
Lesson 24: Search Engine Optimization
Lesson 25: Signature Graphic
Lesson 26: Creating Password Protected Content
Now, let's get writing and creating content!
Lesson 27: Affiliate Disclosure Plugin
Lesson 28: Newsletters/Email Lists
Unit 4: Promoting and Maintaining your Site
Lesson 29: Taking your Site off Maintenance and Running Facebook Debugger
Lesson 30: GO LIVE!
Lesson 31: Submitting Site to Search Engines
Lesson 32: Cross Promoting Your Blog Posts
Final Suggestions
Bonuses and Printables
Categories and Tags Planner.xlsx
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NOBS Blog Planner.pdf
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Copy of Blog Launch Guide.pdf
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