Blog Lab: Micro Blogging by Hope Hanson

Blog Lab: Micro Blogging

Are you looking to drive more traffic to your business or blog?

Are you looking for an easier (and free) way to get your message out? 

It is time for you to discover the social media super here - MICRO-BLOGGING!

What is Microblogging?

Microblogging for today's entrepreneurs is the process of creating smaller content to drive traffic to your business or blog.  

Maybe you have thought about blogging for a while and are intimidated by the tech process.

Maybe you are looking for something that you can get up fast and easy and has little to no maintenance

Maybe you are a blogger and are looking to create additional content to create consistent and trusted backlinks to your blog.  

What comes in the course

In this course, there is an hour of recorded content to show you exactly how to set up your Google My Business and Facebook Notes system. 

In GMP we cove the where, what and why of setting up your account, verifying it and adding additional content.

In Facebook Notes, we cover setting it up, how to write and promote your posts.

And then we include a series of ways to find SEO'ed (Search Engine Optimized) content ideas and the principals of writing a GOOD microblog!

And the best part - the platforms are FREE to use! 

Hope is very thorough but organizes things so well that even this non-techy gal can follow it.

The thing I love about Hope the most is that she cares. She spurs you to take action and get stuff done!! Her courses are worth every penny -- and more.
Barb Brimhall