Blogging Bootcamp Winter 2019 by Hope Hanson
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Blogging Bootcamp Winter 2019

Take your business to the next level and climb to the top of the top of the social media pyramid. Bootcamp Starts Jan 14, 2019
Enrollment is closed

What's included

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Welcome to Blogging Bootcamp
NOBS Blog Planner Guide.pdf
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Weekly Zoom Calls
Week 1 Call
(1h 01m 35s)
Week 2 Call
36 mins
Week 3 Call
43 mins
Week 5 Call
33 mins
Week 6 Call
46 mins
Week 7 Call
Week 8 - Special Guest Crystal Chapman - Pinterest Expert
50 mins
Final Call
38 mins
Graphics Ugrade!
Are you interested in creating a BEAUTIFUL look for your blog?
Unit 1: Technical SetUp
Lesson 1: Course Set Up
Lesson 2: Compliance
Lesson 3: Domains
Lesson 4: Understanding Hosting Options
Lesson 5: Choosing Your WordPress Theme
Lesson 6: Submit Your Information Form!
Lesson 7: Blog Marketing Research
(OPTIONAL): Lesson 8 - Set Up your Login
Lesson 9: Gate Check
Defining and Refining your (1).pdf
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Unit 2: Design Strategy and Customization
Lesson 10: Understanding the Blogging Continuum
Lesson 11: Logging in and Getting Started!
Lesson 12: Menus
Lesson 13: HTML Basics
Lesson 14: Understanding Widgets
Lesson 15: Understanding Plugins and How to Install them
Lesson 16: Google Analytics
Lesson 17: Pretty Links
Lesson 18: Using the Media Library
Lesson 19: Unit 2 Gate Check
Unit 3: Content Strategy
Lesson 20: White Screen of Death - Plugins Causing Issues
Lesson 21: About Me Page and Contact Form
Lesson 22: Creating List of Ideas
Lesson 23: Creating List of Ideas (BONUS)
Lesson 24: Keyword Analysis
Lesson 25: Creating your first post
Lesson 26: Posting and Using Categories and Tags
Lesson 27: Putting Categories on Your Menu
Lesson 28: Adding Video and Sound to your Site
Lesson 29: Featured and Promotional Images and Slider Images
Lesson 30: Search Engine Optimization
Lesson 31: Signature Graphic
Lesson 32: Creating Password Protected Content
Now, lets get writing and creating content!
Lesson 33: Affiliate Disclosure Plugin
Lesson 34: Newsletters/Email Lists
BONUS: Darling Pro Users: How to use the Slide
Lesson 35: Unit 3 Gate Check
Unit 4: Promoting and Maintaining your Site
Lesson 36: Taking your Site off Maintenance and Running Facebook Debugger
Lesson 37: Site Review
Lesson 38: Site Update and GO LIVE!
Lesson 39: Submitting Site to Search Engines
Lesson 40: Cross Promoting Your Blog Posts
Lesson 41: Submit for the Portfolio
Final Suggestions
You are Done!
Your Bonus!


Hope is the perfect combo of technical skills and motivator. She leads by example and gives you the tools to succeed. Highly recommend her and can’t wait to work with her more!
Stacey Osland
If you want to learn how to create your own self hosted wordpress blog, this is the place to go! Hope is the BEST!
Lisa Powell
I just got through with Blogging Bootcamp with  Hope Hanson-Baker. Hope was so knowledgeable and instrumental in getting my new blog successfully up and running! I'm so excited about following The Purple Teacup Co.!
Shelli Beals

Welcome to the Purple Teacup Training Classroom

Teaching women how to blog to promote
their business, their passion, and their voice


What is included in the price?

  • Membership to exclusive boot camp Facebook group ($400 Value) 
  • Complete technical setup of your blog (those pesky one-time tasks) ($200 Value)
  • Weekly live group coaching video calls
  • Choice of 4 WordPress themes + Genesis Framework (preview the themes in the video below) (Up to $150 Value)
  • 40+ hours of training on how to customize and maintain your blog ongoing ($400 value) 
  • Coaching on content and promotional strategy
  • Site review by The Purple Teacup  staff prior to going live

What is not included in the price?

A domain name (approximately $10)
The cost of self hosting (don't worry, we will explain exactly what you need) (approximately $60 for a year) 

"I am not techy"

That's ok, that is why you have us.  We will work with you over the course of the 9 weeks to get you up and running and answer all your techy questions.

"I don't have anything to say"

By the end of the course, you will have a minimum of 40 blog post ideas (likely more) to get you going. 

Is there any graphics/branding included?

Not within the cost of the course, but many our our past clients have chosen to partner with one of our amazing designers and receive a custom branding kit! 

What is included in the early bird?

You will receive and extra bonus of $90 including our "The Ultimate Planner and Social Media Scheduler" and Forever Sparkly's Pinterest course.  You must sign up by December 20th 

Do you have a payment plan?

If you sign up prior to December 15th, means you have the option for a 2 payment plan. 

When does the course start?

There will be pre-work starting January 1, 2019, but the official start of the class starts January 14th, 2019