Blog Lab 201 - Not Your Ordinary Blogging School by Hope Hanson

Blog Lab 201 - Not Your Ordinary Blogging School

So, you have a blog but you aren't really sure what you are doing with it.  Not ready for the advance courses?  Need help with Gutenberg?  (Guten-what?) This is the bootcamp for you! 

Do you have a blog that needs some TLC?

Did you start a blog and get lost a little on the way? Are you having trouble figuring out what to do with Gutenberg (WordPress 5.0)?  Does time management escape you? You know that there are things you need to do, but really don't know where to start or what to do once you do start...


Now is the time for Blob Lab 201

The four-week, step by step, fully supported blogging program from Hope Hanson-Baker of The Purple Teacup. With Hope’s help, you and a fellow group of bloggers will refine and refocus your blog in just one short month!

Are you starting to wonder if you have what it takes to blog?

Many bloggers start with great ideas and with a focus, but slowly their enthusiasm wains as they get into the "thick" of things. The mission of this course is to get your blog off the proverbial "edge" and get it working WITH you and FOR you - not against you! 
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Hope is an amazing teacher. Not only does she teach HOW to build, maintain, and promote a blog, but she also explains WHY. She personally supports you throughout the process too. She actually cares and wants you to succeed!
Her courses are very detailed, yet easy to follow. I have taken Blogging Boot Camp, multiple advanced courses, use the planner, and I'm attending her retreat in April! It's wonderful because I knew NOTHING when I found The Purple Teacup Co, but now I feel confident in my blog as a site and myself as a blogger! She also has plenty of opportunities to keep learning too, which is so rare. You can expect to be truly taught to succeed here!
Here's a link to my blog (That only exists because of The purple Teacup btw!)
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What is Blob Lab 201?

Blog Lab 201 uses easy to follow instructional videos and text to help you take your blog from where it is now, to thriving. You’ll learn how to use WordPress 5.0 to the max! Find out how to submit your site to search engines, discover SEO tools to help you get found on the web, learn time management skills to help you make time for blogging and how to be more efficient in the blogging that you do.  We will also focus on what you are writing to make sure that you are reaching the RIGHT people for your blog! 

Plus, you’ll never be alone! Have a question? Pop into the Facebook Mastermind group and ask!

Connect with other bloggers in Blog Lab 201

  • Private weekly group coaching calls to go over questions and build supportive friendships
  • Facebook Mastermind group for help as soon as you have a question
  • Two weeks of personal guidance, support, and encouragement from Hope 
  • And, personalized feedback on your blog’s look and feel

Time to take the next step in your blogging journey!

What will you be learning?


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Before we begin...
Unit 1: Technical SetUp (Week 1)
Guttenberg: What is Gutenberg?
More Gutenberg
More More Gutenberg
Evil Plugins and the White Screen of death
Google Analytics: Advanced Setup - Google Search Console
Setting up Newsletter Sign Up
Unit 2: Content Strategy (Week 2 & 3)
The Five Easy Steps for Creating Highly Engaging Blog Content Step 1
Five Easy Steps for Creating Highly Engaging Blog Content Step 2
Five Easy Steps for Creating Highly Engaging Blog Content Step 3
Five Easy Steps for Creating Highly Engaging Blog Content Step 4
Five Easy Steps for Creating Highly Engaging Blog Content Step 5
The Secrets of Creating Attention-Getting Blog Headlines
How to Create Blog Content Faster Than Ever
How to Create Blog Posts That Get Shared Like Crazy
SEO: More on Keywords Categories and Tags
Affiliate Disclosures and Making it Legal
Making Money
Bonus: Headline Title Ideas
A Picture Really is Worth 1,000 Words
Unit 3: Newsletters (Week 3)
Selecting your Provider
Adding Current Subscribers to your List
Ways to Grow your Email List
40 Ideas for Opt-ins/Incentives/Freebies (or turn them into saleable products)
Tools to Make your Printables/Optins
Creating Training Videos to use for your Opt-ins
Other Ways to Create an Opt-in
Autoresponders / Broadcasts
Email and Newsletter Tips
5 Tips For Crafting Compelling Subject Lines
Email Frequency - When Should You Mail
Unit 4: Promotional Strategy
Guest Blogging for your site
Social Media Promotion: Facebook
Facebook: What to Post and When
Using Facebook: Image Information
Facebook: How to grow your audience
Social Media Promotion: Pinterest
Why and How to Build Relationships on Pinterest
Drive Pinterest Engagement with These Strategies
The Components of a Perfect Pin
Access Pinterest Analytics
TripWires and Income for your site
Unit 5: Off Page SEO (week 4)
How to get backlinks to your site
Image Compression
Image SEO
The Difference Between Google Keywords and Google Search Console
Alt Text in Images