Build a Blog - Done For You! by Hope Hanson

Build a Blog - Done For You!

No time to waste? Let's get you up and running! 

Take the Stress out of building your funnel!

Time is money... and spending hours and hours figuring out what a plugin is? What a DNS is? It just isn't your thing.  You know You need a blog... but you are staring at the screen with no idea of where to start....

....that is where we come in. 

We can take care of it for you.

We already know all the techy stuff behind building YOU your perfect blog and sales funnel

What's included?

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NOBS Blog Planner Guide.pdf
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Why do you need a blog?

  • Build a strong community around your individual strengths
  • Increase your list and followers
  • Solidify your credibility as a  leader in your field
  • Automate your sales flow
  • Increase awareness of your product and service
  • Create a funnel that works even when you are taking time for yourself and your family


The Purple Teacup and founder, Hope Hanson-Baker are a formidable 1-2 punch in the social marketing arena. The Teacup is building a loyal base of customers - primarily women with small businesses - by providing them effective and achievable skills for building blogs. With their newly acquired tools, women are empowered to manage their own blogs instead of outsourcing the heavy lifting. The results are highly personalized vehicles for equally personalized businesses.
Jenny Tabrum
When you have your own online presence, you are not worried about algorithms, or if someone else's platform goes down.  YOU have the ability to reach your clients and community when you want to.  

IMAGINE waking up in the morning and having new people on your newsletter list, interested in purchasing your products or wanting to know more information about your business.  This does not have to be a fantasy, this reality is only a few key strokes away.  
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