Unit 1:  Why Blog?
Unit 2: Brainstorming and Building your Brand
- Picking your blog name
- Refining your target market
Unit 3: Setting Up Hosting and Domains
- Understanding hosting
- Domains and hosting connection
Unit 4: The Techy Stuff
- Overview
- Installing Wordpress
- Basics of Wordpress
- Backing up your Wordpress site
- Upgrading to Wordpress 5.0
- Finding compatible themes
- Using default themes
- The Editor Layout, Part 1-2 
- Customizing blocks
- Manipulating blocks
- Adding and customizing text
- Adding images
- Adding lists
- Adding videos 
- Image overlays
- Suggested plugins
Unit 5: Content
- Where to find ideas
- Keywords
Unit 6: Now What? 

All videos are under 8 minutes long to make watching and working the course easy! 

You can now have a blog up and running and start sharing with the world in a matter of hours! 

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