Direct Sales Blog Planner by Hope Hanson

Direct Sales Blog Planner

It is time to take control of your Social when it comes to your direct sales business.  It is time to create tools and ways to work your business smarter not harder - it is TIME to build your own platform to share information, service your clients and share the opportunity.  It is time to blog for your Direct Sales Business

What comes with the planner

Not only do you receive the 12 page blog planner, but you will also receive the "5 Pages that all Direct Sales Blogs should have!"  

Hey, I'm Hope

My journey into blogging started years ago, when "Live Journals" became a "big thing".

In the last 15 years, I've worked as an Event Producer for a national charity, running one of the largest conferences for television producers in the world. I was also a renaissance festival performer for about 4 years. But when my husband and I decided to start a family, I focused on my small event photography business. That is when I found blogging for business and discovered what a powerful tool it can be! 

Since then, I have personally built  3 businesses through blogs, created over 50 blogs for other companies and worked to create a program that will help others build their businesses. Over the last 2 years, I have taught over 400 bloggers to build their dreams into WordPress reality.

More importantly - 2 of those blogs have been for my direct sales business.  In fact blogging is why I recruited 20 of my 29 recruits in the last 6 months! 

I get how easy it is to become overwhelmed with new technology and all the different options.   That's why I am here to help! 

Hope Hanson
Founder, Tea Drinking Geek Blogger!

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