DIY BYOB - Do it Yourself Build Your Own Blog by Hope Hanson
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DIY BYOB - Do it Yourself Build Your Own Blog

Learn how to start a blog today!  Find out all the ins and outs to getting your blog up fast AND pretty!
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Learn how to start a blog today!

Are you tired of people telling you how GREAT blogging is, without telling you HOW to actually get started? 

You’re tired of spending your time searching the internet for instructions on how to set up a blog. Every time you find directions you think will work, you’re once again disappointed by how difficult they are to follow.

You know the information is out there because the internet is full of blogs, but you can’t find anyone you trust to help you. 
What if you could start a blog tomorrow? Not only start a blog but have over 60 post ideas ready to write? AND the tools to promote your blog to people who want to read it?

Stop wasting your time reading “Start a Blog in 5 Minutes” blog posts and start actually building your blog by watching over an expert’s shoulder as they walk you through each step. 

Welcome to DIY BYOB - Do it Yourself Build your own Blog!

The only blog building program with step by step videos showing you exactly how to start your blog. 

“Hope’s course is easy to follow, even someone like me with no blogging knowledge was able to put together a successful blog and launch before the course ended. I highly recommend The Purple Teacup to help you set up your next blog!” - Monica Preston

DIY BYOB is a chance for you to build your own blog. Somewhere not dependent on any social media platform. A place that is your very own, to share your story, to build your business, to be yourself. 

  • Join a community of bloggers who will support you through the process.
  • Learn to set up your hosting, even if you are not the least bit technical!
  • Discover what themes and plugins are, what they do and how to install them.
  • Follow clear video instructions for installing WordPress and using the dashboard.
  • Dig deep into your chosen niche to figure out not only what to WRITE but what people want to READ.

“The Purple Teacup is the absolute best place to go if you want to be a blogger. Anyone can pay to have a blog built for them, but not everyone knows how to manage it. Hope is everything. She teaches you how to build from the ground up. BUT she also teaches you HOW to succeed!” - Rebekah Svensson


Hi, I'm Hope

My journey into blogging started years ago, when "Live Journals" became a "big thing".

In the last 15 years, I've worked as an Event Producer for a national charity, running one of the largest conferences for television producers in the world. I was also a renaissance festival performer for about 4 years. But when my husband and I decided to start a family, I focused on my small event photography business. That is when I found blogging  for business and discovered what a powerful tool it can be! 

Since then, I have personally built  3 businesses through blogs, over 50 blogs for other companies and worked to create a programs that will help others build their businesses. Over the last 2 years, I have taught over 400 bloggers to build their dreams into WordPress reality.

I get how overwhelming it can be to learn the basics of blogging. That is why I developed DIY BYOB - to help others skip the frustration and jump right in.

You're too busy living a full life to spend hours on each step of building a blog.

You’re ready for DIY BYOB if:
  • You’re tired of blog posts that promise you can start a blog in five minutes but are impossible to follow
  • You’ve tried doing it yourself but got lost on step one
  • You’re ready for clear, easy to follow instructions and videos that take less than 8 minutes to watch
  • You want to build your business and know blogging is an important part of that strategy
  • You’re a motivated woman, ready to share your knowledge with the world!
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But Hope, I’ve tried to start a blog before!

Starting a blog on your own is hard. There is no one to ask questions when you get stuck and you don’t even know what to Google to find help. 

DIY BYOB is different. It is a comprehensive, step by step course that SHOWS you exactly what to do with short videos. 

You can keep searching...

Digging deep into blog posts and online guides, desperate for help with your questions. 
Avoiding starting your blog for another month as you watch people who started their businesses after you pull ahead in the online marketplace. 
Telling yourself that you’ll finally start your blog when you find ALL the answers. 


You can join DIY BYOB for one low price and have a blog up within hours!

“Hope is there for you whether you are a beginning blogger or a super blogger!” - Hurley Thurston

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What's included?

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What's in the course?

NOBS Blog Planner Guide.pdf
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What is included in this course?
What do you get with this course?
Why Blog?
Why would you want a blog anyway?
Brainstorming and Building your Brand
Picking your Blog Name
Defining and Refining your Target Market (1).pdf
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Setting up your hosting and domain
Content is King
What to Write About and How to Find Ideas
Now what?
What do I do from here?


Do I need to be a technical wiz?

No!  We will walk you through the process with simple, easy-to-follow step by step videos and instructions.  You can do this!

What if I need more help?

Throughout the course, we will give you extra resources to make sure that you create the best blog possible.  Plus, you can ask questions in the community Facebook group at anytime!

I am afraid I don’t have anything to say!

We will literally walk you through ways to create 60+ ideas to get you off on the right foot.

How long does it take to do this course?

Watching the videos and doing your set up will likely take 4-6 hours.  The great part is that you can work at your own pace- do it all at once, an hour at a time or even in 15-20 minute segments to make it easier on you. 

Are there any additional costs?

Yes, you will be purchasing your domain and hosting (don’t worry, we explain what all that is).  You have options when purchasing these but they usually costs less than $100.