Keywords, Categories and Tags for SEO Awesomeness by Hope Hanson

Keywords, Categories and Tags for SEO Awesomeness

Struggling with SEO? What are Keywords? Am I talking a strange language? 

What's included?

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Why aren't I getting any traffic?
What is a keyword?
Types of SEO/Keyword Searches
Definintions of Keywords
Keyword Research
Using Search Questions
Additional Tools for Finding Keywords
What is a category?
What is a tag?
Categories and Tags Planner.xlsx
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Your Content
Keep It Fresh & Keep It On Topic
Going Deep & Going Wide With Your SEO Content
Using Bold and Italic Fonts Effectively in your content
The Power Of Epic Content To Help With Searchability
Don’t Be Afraid To Use Multi-Media Content
It’s Not Just About SEO – How’s Your Conversion?
In Conclusion
Final Thoughts

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