MYOB- Mind Your Own Business for Direct Sellers by Hope Hanson

MYOB- Mind Your Own Business for Direct Sellers

It is time to start treating your direct sales business LIKE a business and make more money!

What's included?

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Tough Love
The "Boring Stuff"
Your Systems
Money Matters
Month & Year End
Ways to Track and Important Reports
Excel Spreadsheet files
Human Resources
Time Management
Time Mapping Chart.pdf
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Active vs Passive Marketing
In Person / Personal Marketing Ideas for your Business
Alternatives to "Social Media" for Passive Marketing
Marketing Campaign Tracker.xlsx
9.63 KB
Customer Service
The Importance of Customer Service
Why Following Up is NOT optional in a Strong Business
Customer Follow Up Sheet.xlsx
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Tools you can use in your Business
Goal Planning Sheet.docx
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Event Check List.xlsx
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Welcome to the Purple Teacup Training Classroom

Teaching women how to blog to promote
their business, their passion, and their voice


I'm brand new to direct sales, is it too early for me to do this course?

definitely not!  This is the perfect time to start, get you off on the right foot, and help you build a solid foundation for your business! 

What is included in the course

We cover topics like Administration, Financial Tracking and Reporting, Customer Service, Human Resources, you know - all the businessy stuff :D 

Also, there are 8 working files for you to help track your business, including a marketing planner, a outsourcing planner, monthly income/expense sheets and much more! 

Who should buy this course?

Anyone who is in direct sales, network marketing and is serious about making money.

Will this help me get more sales?

Not directly, this course talks about the business side of direct sales, like money management, customer service, human resources - so while it won't help you get more sales, it will help you create a stronger business, which in turn will help you with sales. 

I've been in direct sales for a while, do I need this course?

Do you feel like you have a good handle on the business side, tracking the money, working the business effectively? If you say yes, you likely don't need this course.  If you said no.... well.... 

I don't know anything about accounting, will this course help?

YES! We take the scariness out of the money part of running a business, we talk to you about why and when you should be keeping track of the dollars and cents.