Blog Lab 301, Master Blogger : Not your Ordinary Blogging School by Hope Hanson

Blog Lab 301, Master Blogger : Not your Ordinary Blogging School

Does your blog feel stuck, stagnant or stale?
Are you afraid no one is reading your blog? You write and share on social media but it feels like talking into a void. You’re tired of being invisible online. Tired of winging it. You used to be obsessed with your blog but now you’re just tired of trying things and not seeing results. 

You wish you had a plan. A guide that would take your blog from crickets to a traffic avalanche. What if you could learn from someone who has been blogging for years? Someone who would take you by the hand and lead you through every aspect of growing your blog? 

Welcome to Not Your Ordinary Blogging School!

Not Your Ordinary Blogging School (NOBS for short) is a complete training that will elevate your blog from a hobby to a business. 
  • Learn how to build a strong foundation for your blog
  • Discover the power of SEO and how to create strong keyworded content
  • Learn how to optimize your categories, keywords, and tags
  • Learn how to customize your blog using CSS (even if you’ve never coded before!)
  • Increase your traffic using social media and email marketing
  • Learn how to create a steady income from your blog using a variety of revenue strategies
Only open twice a year, NOBS is unlike anything else in the blog-o-sphere.
It is a comprehensive blogging course that needs no supplemental courses.

That means once you buy NO BS you NEVER need to buy another blogging course again!


“Hope is fantastic to work with! She knows her stuff and is continually trying new things and learning what is best to benefit all of us. I LOVE working with her and growing my blog based on her wisdom.”   
Joni Kinney,
Learn how to analyze your market so that your message is targeted to your ideal reader. Develop a mission statement that will help you to focus your core content. Then learn how to build a community that will be excited to follow you and ready to buy your products. 

Not only does NOBS include a complete 8 module course with videos and worksheets, but it also includes:
  • Weekly live Zoom calls with Hope and your fellow students
  • One 30 minute individual coaching session with Hope
  • A free community support group on Facebook
“Hope is a fabulous, knowledgeable & totally relatable teacher. She is absolutely perfect for the novice blog builder and I cannot recommend her enough. If it wasn’t for Hope, I would not be able to start this blogging adventure.”
Lacey Dawn Matkins
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Hi, I'm Hope

My journey into blogging started years ago, when "Live Journals" became a "big thing".

In the last 15 years, I've worked as an Event Producer for a national charity, running one of the largest conferences for television producers in the world. I was also a renaissance festival performer for about 4 years. But when my husband and I decided to start a family, I focused on my small event photography business. That is when I found blogging  for business and discovered what a powerful tool it can be! 

Since then, I have personally built  3 businesses through blogs, over 50 blogs for other companies and worked to create a programs that will help others build their businesses. Over the last 2 years, I have taught over 400 bloggers to build their dreams into WordPress reality.

I get how easy it is to become overwhelmed with options and feeling not sure what to do next, which is why I have created NO BS - the perfect program to take your blog to the next level.

You can build a dynamite blog!

You are a dedicated learner who is excited to create a real business out of your blog. You are done with being confused and overwhelmed with all the blogging information out there. You’re ready to follow a proven path from dabbling to dominating. 

You’re ready for NOBS if:
  • You already have your blog set up
  • You want to take your blog to the next level
  • You want to learn how to make money blogging
  • You’re tired of trying to learn advanced blogging by yourself
  • You have four to five hours a week to devote to learning and implementing the course

Are you ready to take blogging seriously?

You can keep searching Google for answers to your question. Keep creating content that no one reads. Keep trying to figure out how to make money from your blog using free resources. 

Or you can buy Not Your Ordinary Blogging School and learn everything you need to know about blogging in just 8 weeks.

And as a graduate of NOBS you get to "re-do" the course each time it opens and runs! 
Yep, I'm in - Let's get this party started!

What is Included in NOBS?

What if I’m struggling with finding the time to blog?

NOBS doesn’t only cover how to blog, but also how to do it in a reasonable amount of time. Finding a way to stay consistent with your blog is so important for growth. In the final module, you’ll learn Hope’s Time Blocking Strategy that allows you to blog in only 60 minutes per week. 


"The Purple Teacup is the absolute best place to go if you want to be a blogger. Anyone can pay to have a blog built for them, but not everyone knows how to manage it. Hope is everything. She teaches you how to build from the ground up. BUT she also teaches you HOW to succeed! How often to post, what type of content will perform, and how to promote. It’s all here. Then, as you grow, she continues to help you in the form of advanced material! Blogging has been on my wish list for years and within a few months of learning The Purple Teacup exists I HAVE A BLOG!"
Rebekah Svensson -
Let me in! time to take this to the next level

What are you going to learn?

Module 1: Get off on the right foot!
  • Defining your ideal client avatar
  • Defining your message
  • You can't give people what they need until you understand them!

Module 2: The 3C’s of Blogging
  • Content
  • Consistency
  • Community

Module 3:  Let’s make it look pretty!
  • Branding for your ideal client
  • Adjusting your theme/site using custom CSS coding
  • Creating a clean and functional website

Module 4: The Building Blocks
  • Strong SEO, keywords, categories and tags
  • Building your content 

Module 5: Growing your Audience
  • Using social media and traditional marketing to build your audience
  • Increasing your email list and using newsletters/ messaging to communicate with your community

Module 6: Show me the Money
  • Key monetizing strategies

Module 7:  Selling your own Stuff
  • Creating your own products to promote and increase revenue

Module 8: Time Management and the Business of Blogging
  • Time blocking
  • Key growth strategies for work/blog/life balance 
  • The money and management of blogging
That's all I need to know - let me in! (Buy here)


I have restrictions on monetizing my blog. Can I still take the class?

Most definitely.  We will teach you proven steps to increase your traffic and the value of your blog without worrying about conflicts. 

Can I use my blog to promote my direct sales products?

Absolutely! NOBS covers tons of information on how to use your blog to promote your direct sales products, even under restrictions. Learn how to build a blog that helps you sell product and grow your downline. 

What if I do the course now but want to keep the content for later?

You will have lifetime access to this course. The content in this course will be reviewed regularly and updated when necessary.  (Things change, we get that.) 
If you decided to join our Facebook group, you will be able to jump in on 1 future Facebook group to "get back into shape" or start a new blog.  

How do I know I am right for NOBS?

Do you already have a blog set up?
Do you want to take your blog to the next level in terms of quality and traffic? 
Are you looking to build a strategy around your blog and your offerings?
Do you want to learn a bit more about the "under the hood" part of blogging? 

If you answered "YES" (even in a little voice) to any of those questions, then NOBS is right for you. 

How long does this course take?

This course is laid out to take around 10 weeks to complete, working 4-5 hours a week.  You have access to the course forever, but a deadline helps get it done!  There are 2 additional "get it done" weeks included to allow you to catch up!