New Blogger Bundle by Hope Hanson

New Blogger Bundle

Everything you need to start the blog of your dreams!

What's included?

DIY BYOB - Do it Yourself Build Your Own Blog

Learn how to start a blog today! Are you tired of people telling you how GREAT blogging is, without telling you HOW to actually get started? You’re tired of spending your time searching the internet for instructions on how to set up a blog. Every time you find directions you think will work, you’re once again disappointed by how difficult they are to follow. You know the information is out there because the internet is full of blogs, but you can’t find anyone you trust to help you. What if you could start a blog tomorrow? Not only start a blog but have over 60 post ideas ready to write? AND the tools to promote your blog to people who want to read it? Stop wasting your time reading “Start a Blog in 5 Minutes” blog posts and start actually building your blog by watching over an expert’s shoulder as they walk you through each step. 

Evernote for Bloggers

Evernote is one of the most powerful tools I use to run my business and my blog. Join me as I give you tips and tricks to make using Evernote a key in your business

Keywords, Categories and Tags for SEO Awesomeness

Keywords, categories, and tags are some of the most important parts of blogging- but also the most misunderstood tools! Improving your use of keywords, categories and tags will help improve your traffic! 


What is included in this bundle?

You receive 3 of our top classes!

  • DIY BYOB - Do it Yourself, Build your Own Blog.  Build your own WordPress self-hosted blog in less than 4 hours for under $200 (including the cost of the course).  Everything you need to know from setting up your hosting, connecting your domain, installing WordPress and building your blog! 
  • SEO for Success - One of the most misunderstood elements of blogging is search engine optimization.  Now is your chance to learn the keys to success for getting FREE traffic from search engines.
  • Evernote for Bloggers (launching end of Feb 2019) -  Being an organized blogger makes you a successful blogger.  Here is an incredibly powerful tool to keep you, your business and your blog organized!