SEO BootCamp by Hope Hanson

SEO BootCamp

It's time to give your blog the backbone it needs to succeed!

What is SEO??? And why do you need it

SEO is literally the way that Search Engines find you - and it is the MOST misunderstood element in blogging.  Not only are their keyword, their is user experience, titles, technical mumbo jumble.. and you NEED to learn it if you are going to succeed in blogging.  

What's included in this course

1.  Our popular "Keywords, Categories and Tags" E-Course.  This is literally the foundation in writing and creating GOOD solid content.  *$49 value

2.  One month of our MasterMind Blogging Group "Her Blogosphere" not only are you going to learn SEO - you are going to networks with some amazing bloggers! *$25 value

3.  Our 4 week / 20 day SEO BootCamp to give you the backbone of creating GOOD solid SEO habits. *$25 value

In a world of changing Social Media algorithms, it is time to get your blog back on track! 

All for only $32.50!