The Purple Teacup Co Accountability Group by Hope Hanson

The Purple Teacup Co Accountability Group

Kick you in your BLOG Accountability Group

Are you looking for More Accountability with your Blogging and Business?

"Build a Blog  - it's easy" they said! Well, it isn't just about building  blog, it is about creating content, promoting the content and basically "getting it done".  But sometimes when you are a solo business owner / blogger, it is hard to keep accountable. 

Think about your blog like a gym membership - you have it - but you show up, and you don't really know how to use the equipment, you get lost in the crowds, and you just get overwhelmed and walk away! 

Welcome to K.I.C.K.  your blog "Personal Trainer" and Mastermind group.  This is a small group of bloggers that want to - cheer each other on, help each other, and learn and support each other as we all grow together! 

Hear from some of our members....

As a member of the K.I.C.K Accountability group, I appreciate having to be accountable. I am stepping out of my comfort zone and because I simply must do what I say I am going to do. The community has proven time and again to be an integral part of my day to day. Having the support of the women in the group has pushed me even further because they have my back and are full of encouragement. I also want to mention that Monday Motivation with Hope has proven to be an extremely valuable tool in building my business and reaching my goals. Joining K.I.C.K has been one of the smartest business decisions I have made to date.
Joelene Mills, The Virtual Studio

and from Judith...

I have been working with Hope for quite a while. I met her at a conference where she was a speaker and she motivated me to pursue my dreams and achieve my goals. I have done almost all of her courses and have received some 1 on 1 help from her because of the way I learn. My blog is up, running and thriving because of it.

And then I joined her K.I.C.K accountability subscription group. My productivity has quadrupled (at least) and I now have a full-blown knowledge and implementation database of everything that has to do with blogging, SEO, time management and motivation.

She has created communities where we all help each other out and rooting for each other's success. If blogging is your thing, Hope is hands down the best person to give you the tools to be successful with it.
Judith Johnson

What's Included?

  • A small Facebook Mastermind group dedicated to keeping your blog and business moving. 
  • 20+ 30-minute "working sessions" a month - hop on Zoom and check in and brainstorm with other bloggers
  • 1 1-hour "Q&A" group session a month with Hope Hanson-Baker and special guests
  • 1 1-hour Group Coaching  zoom session a month with Hope Hanson-Baker
  • Monthly challenges
  • Access to discounts and specials
  • Unparalleled peer support 
  • and so much more!

Welcome to the Purple Teacup Training Classroom

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