The Ultimate Blog Planner and Social Media Calendar by Hope Hanson

The Ultimate Blog Planner and Social Media Calendar

The Ultimate Blog & Social Media Planner - Making your life easier, one day at a time.

What's included?

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Blog Planner and Social Media Scheduler
How this Planner Works
Printing and Assembling your Planner
Printing and Assembling your Planner
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Goal Setting
The Reason to Set Goals
1. Goal Setting Sheets.pdf
147 KB
Ideal Client Avatar
Your Ideal Client / Reader
2. Ideal Client Avatar.pdf
73 KB
Your Blog and Brand Information
Your Blog and Brand
3. Branding and Blog Information .pdf
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Time Management and Time Mapping
Blogging and Time Management
4. Time Management.pdf
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Yearly Planner Pages
Yearly / Monthly Planner
5. Yearly Planner Sheets.pdf
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5.2 Daily Planning Spread.pdf
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5.3 Weekly Planning Sheets.pdf
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Daily Weekly Checklist
6. Daily/Weekly and Yearly Checklist.pdf
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Blog Planning
Blog Planning
7.1 Blog Brainstorming.pdf
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7.2 Blog Post Planner.pdf
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7.3 Blog Series Planner .pdf
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7.4 Blog Post Promotional Calculator.pdf
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7.5 Posting Ideas.pdf
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7.6 Best Social Media Posting Scheduler.pdf
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Monetization & Affiliates
8.1 Affiliate Programs Manager.pdf
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Course Creation
8.2 Course Creation Checklist.pdf
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Financial Management
Money Matters
9. Money Matters.pdf
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Email and Newsletter
Emails and Newsletters
10. Newsletter Planning Sheet.pdf
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10.1 Digital Opt-in and Funnel Planner.pdf
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Final Thoughts
Final Thoughts
Special #1 Retreat Discount
Special #2 BEBO/Gutenberg Mini Course
Special #3 50% off Monthly Challenges
Defining and Refining your (1).pdf
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copyright for planner.pdf
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Will this work for micro-bloggers?

Most definitely.  This is great for anyone who is blogging (or anyone doing business online).  

Are all the pages dated?

We have included a 2019 calendar that is dated, but all other pages you can date yourself.  That way, no mater when you buy this planner, there won't be any wasted pages.

Can I use this printer digitally?

Absolutely.  The pages are all in PDF format so they are easy to upload into any program that reads PDFs.

Is this a printed book?

No, this is a collection of digital products that you can download, customize and print.  Create the perfect planner for YOU.